OGWhatsApp Download APK Pro (Official) Latest Version 2024

OGWhatsApp Download APK Pro (Official) Latest Version 2024

WhatsApp is a very popular application that we all use on our smartphones. More than 500 million users use WhatsApp due to its awesome features. If you want to customize the WhatsApp interface or need more features, let us tell you about OG WhatsApp. It is a version of the standard WhatsApp with more features. The third-party developers developed this application with advanced features allowing users to control their privacy as per their choice. Using these additional features, you can freeze your online status, turn off blue ticks and much more. It is free to download OG WhatsApp, but you can not get in from the Play Store. You can visit any third-party website that provides a secure OG WhatsApp APK file to download it. To learn more about OG WhatsApp features, read this article.

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What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is a famous version of the basic application with unique features that make it different from other versions. The original WhatsApp lacks some advanced features. Therefore, OG WhatsApp was developed with all the features unavailable in basic WhatsApp. Using its advanced features, you can fully personalize the application layout and make your conversations more secure. It is free to download but requires Android version 5.0 or higher.

Important Things To Know About OG WhatsApp:

Third-party developers develop OG WhatsApp with some additional features. However, it is not developed by the official developers of WhatsApp but is fully secure to use. You can send images or texts to your friends without worrying about privacy or security concerns, as it will never disturb the users' privacy. The size of OG WhatsApp is 48 MB, and its interface is free from malware and bugs. You can install OG WhatsApp to use a second WhatsApp account for business chat.

Awesome Features of OG WhatsApp:

As mentioned earlier, OG WhatsApp is developed with many additional features. So let's have a look at the features of it.

Message Scheduler:

It is one of the most amazing features of OG WhatsApp that you can utilize to schedule a message. Suppose you wish your friends or loved ones a happy birthday or you want to send some important messages. You can schedule them for sending on a specific time and date. The scheduled message will be sent automatically at a fixed time. Additionally, you have to connect with an active internet connection to use this feature of OG WhatsApp.

In-Built Anti-Ban:

Many modded versions of WhatsApp are available on the internet, but most of them get banned by the official WhatsApp. OG WhatsApp has an in-built Anti-ban feature that makes it safe to use without getting banned.

Make A Call without saving Contacts:

In the basic WhatsApp, you must save a number in your contacts before making a call. OG WhatsApp provides an amazing feature that allows users to make a direct call without adding a number to their contacts. You can enter the number, and if it has registered with WhatsApp, you can place a call.

Set Longer Group Name:

Everybody loves group chatting, but the original WhatsApp does not allow users to set longer names for groups. You can only set a group name up to 25 characters, but in the OG WhatsApp, this limit is extended. You can set a group name up to 35 characters without facing any issues.

Block Certain Contacts Call:

If you are getting disturbed by receiving a call from some specific contact, you can block its call using this feature of OG WhatsApp. You do not need to block that contact fully, as this feature lets you block only the calls. In addition, you can send or receive messages from that particular contact. Besides, you can also block receiving calls for everybody as well.

Share Up to 90 Pictures:

It is another amazing feature of OG WhatsApp that lets the users share up to 90 images instead of 30 photos. Apart from this, you can also send photos with their full resolution. The standard version lacks this feature.

Download the status of your Contacts:

Whenever you see the status of your contacts in WhatsApp and want to download it, you have to ask that contact to send its status or use third-party apps to download it. Conversely, using OG WhatsApp, you can easily download any contact statuses without using other tools or apps. Moreover, you can also hide your status from unwanted contacts.

How To Install OG WhatsApp?

To install OG WhatsApp, you can follow the steps listed below.

Step 1:

Visit our website or other trusted third-party sites to download OG WhatsApp and then navigate to your phone's file manager to open the downloaded APK file.

Step 2:

Click the install button to start the installation process after opening the downloaded file. It will take some time, so wait until the installation is completed.

Step 3:

Once the installation has ended, click on the Open button and verify your mobile number by entering it to create a WhatsApp account.

Step 4:

Add your profile photo and name to create a profile, and Enjoy using OG WhatsApp.

Final Words:

OG WhatsApp is an amazing application with many advanced features that the standard WhatsApp lacks. It provides a better experience, multiple privacy and app customization features, and is safe to use. Hence, OG WhatsApp is unavailable on the Play Store, so you can navigate to the link below to download it.


1 Can I download the status directly in OG WhatsApp?
Yes, you can download the WhatsApp status of your contacts directly in OG WhatsApp.
2 Can I hide blue ticks in OG WhatsApp?
Yes, you can hide blue ticks in OG WhatsApp.