Download GBWhatsapp APK (Official) Latest Version Updated 2024

Download GBWhatsapp APK (Official) Latest Version Updated 2024

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application used by billions of people worldwide. Conversely, GB WhatsApp also gained popularity, and many people use it because it provides more features than basic WhatsApp. The features of GB WhatsApp include DND mode, privacy settings, Hide view status, and much more. Besides this, you can also forward messages to all your contacts without a forward tag. Moreover, GB WhatsApp Pro also offers a theme library that users can use to customize their chat layout or app interface as per their desire. Using the privacy settings, you can hide blue ticks, double ticks, freeze last seen, and much more. In addition, its anti-delete messages feature allows the users to see the deleted messages. GB WhatsApp is free to download or use and is compatible with Android devices having Android version 5.0 or higher.


What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a moded version of the standard WhatsApp developed by developers from different countries. It has many settings and features you can use with a few clicks. You can change the application icon and can send limitless pictures or videos without losing their quality.

You can auto-reply to all your contacts without typing a new message to avoid being bothered when you are busy. Moreover, GB WhatsApp also notifies the users when a contact views their status or changes its profile picture.

Adjust the settings to see the online status of your friends or contacts without opening the app. Alternatively, the limit for sending audio clips increased up to 100MB.

GB WhatsApp provides many features, such as application layout customization, sending more than 90 images, downloading the status of your contacts, hiding your status from unwanted contacts, and writing up to 250 words.

You can also link GB WhatsApp to other apps, such as Facebook or Instagram, to share your status for promoting your business or brand. You do not have to write the same status too many times, as by directly linking with other applications, you can share it on all apps at once.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Hide your Online Status:

If you want to utilize WhatsApp without showing your online status, GB WhatsApp has an awesome feature that allows you to hide your online status. You can check received messages or send new messages without letting your contacts know you are online.

Download WhatsApp Status:

If you see your friend's status on WhatsApp and want to download it, you must ask for it in the standard WhatsApp. However GB WhatsApp contains a built-in status downloader, allowing users to download their contacts status safely.

Anti- Ban Feature:

GB WhatsApp's anti-ban feature lets users have fun without worrying about getting banned for certain chats or activities. This amazing feature allows you to send messages to friends or share images without restrictions.

Many Emojis and Stickers:

GB WhatsApp has plenty of stickers and emojis with different genres just away from you with a single click. You can express your feelings or mood using these stickers when it is hard to express yourself through messages.

Several Themes:

It features a huge theme store from which you can download any theme per your preference to make your app interface look unique. There are thousands of amazing themes that you can select to give the app a new look.

Hide Forwarded Label:

When you forward a message to a person in WhatsApp, it contains a forwarded tag. However, if you want to hide that forwarded tag, you can inactive it by going to the GB WhatsApp settings. It is the only application with such amazing features.

Share More Media:

There is a certain limit in the basic WhatsApp for sharing pictures, videos, or other media files. However, GB WhatsApp has additional settings that you can use to send more than 30 photos and increase the status or video length. However, the size for sharing other media, like videos, is also extended.

Customization Options:

There are many customization options available that you can use to change the font style, size, color, and more. Add the image as an app background, set a lock for certain chats, and hide a contact's profile photo. Add fun using these customization options, and never feel bored while spending time with your loved ones.

Why GB WhatsApp is Better than Standard WhatsApp?

Standard WhatsApp:

  • Last seen can not be hide
  • Share only 30 pictures
  • Blue Ticks can not be hide
  • Certain Limit for WhatsApp Status
  • No- In-App Chat Lock
  • No Theme Library
  • Basic App Interface
  • Do not have in-app status downloader
  • Without DND Mode
  • Forwarded Tags can not be hidden

GB WhatsApp:

  • Hide your last seen
  • Image sending limit extended up to 90 pictures
  • Hide Blue ticks for chats
  • Video and Character status length increased
  • Features Built-in App Lock
  • Theme Library
  • Customization options for the app interface
  • Status can be downloaded
  • DND Mode to turn off the internet for GB WhatsApp
  • Hide Forwarded tags

How to Download GB WhatsApp on Android Mobile?

Follow the below given steps to GB WhatsApp download on Android smartphones.

  • Firstly, go to the mobile settings to enable unknown sources.
  • Visit our website and press the download button to download GB WhatsApp.
  • Once the downloading is complete, tap on the file to launch the installation process.
  • Press the Install button and wait until the GB WhatsApp is not installed.
  • Open the app by tapping its icon to create an account, enter your mobile number to verify it, and complete your profile to start using GB WhatsApp.

How To Update GB WhatsApp to the Latest version?

Updating GB WhatsApp Download to the latest version is relatively easy as developers release new updates every week. You can go to the settings to check for a new version, or if a new update for the latest version is available, the application also notifies you.

How To Restore or Backup Chats on GB WhatsApp?

Following the steps below, you can easily restore or back up your chats.

  • Go to the app settings and navigate to the backup and restore option.
  • Click on it and create a backup for your chats.
  • You can create chat backups by selecting any option using your mobile or Google Drive as per your preference.

Final Words:

GB WhatsApp is a modded version with too many additional features, including a theme library, customization settings, and much more. You can hide your online status from others and customize your chats by applying themes, etc. Download GB WhatsApp and enhance your messaging experience using its features.


1 Is GB WhatsApp safe to download?
Yes, GB WhatsApp is 100% safe to download.
2 Can I change the font style in GB WhatsApp?
Yes, you can change the style of font in GB WhatsApp.