Whatsapp Plus Download APK

Whatsapp Plus Download APK

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp is a popular application used by people worldwide for communication through messages. Over one billion people use WhatsApp to send text messages, images and other documents or media. However, here we will tell you about WhatsApp Plus, a version of the basic application. It comes with more features and settings and also provides end-to-end encryption. If you want additional features, then WhatsApp Plus is a great choice. Moreover, WhatsApp Plus does not charge any money; therefore, you can download and use it freely without paying a single penny. It is compatible with all Android smartphones running Android version 5.0 or higher. Keep reading this article to learn more about WhatsApp Plus and its amazing features.


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What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a very popular version of the basic application, and millions of people use it. In this app, there are many advanced features that you will not get in the original WhatsApp. You can change themes and hide your online status, typing status, etc, using this app. It is a very reliable application like GB WhatsApp that you can use to connect with your loved ones or other people globally.

WhatsApp Plus APK:

WhatsApp Plus is a similar application to the original WhatsApp that was released in 2012 and developed by Rafalete, a senior XDA member. He changed the standard WhatsApp basic code and introduced WhatsApp Plus with a new interface and additional features. Additionally, the logo for WhatsApp Plus has also changed to a gold colour. It also uses end-to-end encryption for messages and has all the original WhatsApp features.

Is It Legal to Use WhatsApp Plus?

The legal status of WhatsApp Plus is under significant question. Hence, it was removed previously from the Play Store, but now you can also download it again. Besides this, many people contact WhatsApp for clarification, but their answer is unclear. The WhatsApp team said it is unsafe to use and illegal, but on the other hand, the authorities are also silent on this. Therefore, the legal status of WhatsApp Plus is not clear, and it is a grey list application, not legal or illegal.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus on Android?

It is relatively easy to download or install WhatsApp Plus on Android mobiles. You can follow the steps below to install this application conveniently.

  • Firstly, click on the download link given below to download WhatsApp Plus.
  • Create a backup of all your chats from the original WhatsApp and then uninstall it.
  • Click on the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK file to open it, then press the install button to begin the installation.
  • It will ask to prompt for app installation by unknown sources, so allow it.
  • If you did not enable app installation from unknown sources, turn it on by going to your mobile settings.
  • Once the installation begins, let it complete, and do not close your mobile.
  • After installing WhatsApp Plus, click on the app icon from your mobile home screen to open it.
  • Enter your mobile number by following the procedure you used to create your first WhatsApp account.
  • Create your profile by adding a profile image and name, and enjoy WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Features:

WhatsApp Plus internal structure is similar to the original app and also has all its features. However, we will tell you about the features of WhatsApp Plus that the basic app does not have. Let's have a look at the features of WhatsApp Plus below.

Massive Theme Library:

WhatsApp Plus has a huge theme library from where you can download over 700 themes. You can choose any theme and apply it to change the app interface. Moreover, the complete interface is also customizable. You can customize the app graphics, buttons, text fonts, colours, and more without limitations.

Many Emoticons:

Certain emoticons exist in the standard WhatsApp; if you want to add more, you must download third-party apps. The developer added more emoticons in WhatsApp Plus, such as Google Hangouts. You can utilize them to make your chats cool or express your mood. Conversely, WhatsApp Plus users can only see these emoticons if the other person is not using WhatsApp Plus; then, these emoticons will not show to that person.

Multiple Hiding Options:

WhatsApp Plus provides multiple hiding options that you can utilize for hiding your last seen, typing status, second ticks, blue ticks and more. These options let the users use WhatsApp without notifying others they are online or using the app. Moreover, you can hide your status from your contacts and use other options for more privacy while chatting.

Advanced Media Sharing:

In the standard WhatsApp, you can only share files with 16MB and can not send images in their full resolution. It is one of the most awesome features of WhatsApp Plus. You can send large files and HD images up to 50MB. The original app lacks these advanced media-sharing features.

In-App Cleaner:

You do not need other tools or third-party apps to clean your WhatsApp. There is an in-app cleaner in this app that you can utilize to clean the app by deleting unwanted chats or other stuff.

Hide Recording Status:

The other person can see the recording status when you record the voice note in basic WhatsApp. However, this app provides an incredible feature that lets the users hide their recording status. You can record voice messages without letting the other contact know and communicate more privately.

Send Auto Reply:

This feature only comes in the WhatsApp Business, but you will also get it in the WhatsApp Plus. Using this feature, you can set a message by attaching images or other documents, allowing you to send an auto-reply even if you are busy.

Logs and History:

WhatsApp Plus logs and history features allow users to check their account activities or records. You can keep a record of messages, media and much more. This feature is not available in the original WhatsApp.

Multiple Fonts and Styles:

You will get multiple font styles in this app that you can use to beautify your chats. Furthermore, it also features different colours, sizes and shapes for the fonts.

Many Wallpapers:

Too many beautiful wallpapers are available in this application that you can set on your chats or app background. Due to this feature, you do not need to download wallpapers from the internet or use other apps.

WhatsApp Plus Downside:

WhatsApp Plus also has some downsides that we have listed below.

No Regular Updates:

The developers of WhatsApp Plus only update the app occasionally; therefore, you must wait several months to get the latest version or updates.

Not Available on Play Store:

This application has not been available on the Google Play store since the DMCA takedown. Furthermore, you can download it from other third-party websites.

Security Problem:

WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of the original application, so there is a security issue regarding your private chats. Your conversations can be leaked to third parties, so you must use this app carefully.

Steps to shuffle from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus:

As mentioned above, you can not download this app from the Google Play store; therefore, you must download it from other websites or the official Plus website. After downloading the application, follow the steps below.

Backup your WhatsApp Data:

You have to back up your data from the original WhatsApp first. To back up your chats, you must download and install Dr. Fone on your PC to create a backup of your WhatsApp data.

Connect Your Mobile with PC:

Connect your smartphone to the PC using a USB cable and open Dr. Fone to create a backup. It will take some time, so wait until the backup is completed.

Check Backup on the PC:

Once the backup is created, check it on your PC for confirmation.

Restore the Backup to WhatsApp Plus:

After that, click the restore WhatsApp option to add your data to WhatsApp Plus. It will restore all the backup data, and once completed, you will see your chats or other data in the new application.

Users Thoughts on WhatsApp Plus:

WhatsApp Plus is an awesome application. You can customize the entire app interface as per your wish. It provides multiple advanced features that the official WhatsApp version does not have. Using its features, you can give a unique look to your conversations. Hence, download WhatsApp Plus by clicking the link below and enjoy its features.

Final Words:

WhatsApp Plus has a lot of features and a huge theme library. You can share large files and hide ticks or customize chats or app interface per your preferences. In addition, if you value your privacy, then WhatsApp Plus may not satisfy you. It is advised to see all the pros and cons before using it.


1 What is the size of WhatsApp Plus?
The size of WhatsApp Plus is 52.3 MB.
2 Can I hide my status in WhatsApp Plus?
Yes, you can hide your status in WhatsApp Plus.